Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Edge Recruitment Consultants is committed to provide consistently high quality Human Resource by the highest level of personal service across the sectors in which we operate.

Our aim is to provide an informative, up-to-date and intelligent approach to solving the recruitment issues that our Clients and Candidates face in the ever-changing marketplace of today.

To ensure we meet above requirements and the high standards that we set ourselves we have strict internal procedures governing the gathering of all Client & Candidate information and the way in which it is recorded and processed.

We constantly review and update our internal systems and procedures, across the board, from internal and external recruitment throughout front and back administration, drawing on the experiences that we face on a day-to-day basis, which ultimately maximizes the efficiency of our resource management system.

Finally, we constantly review and update our IT systems to ensure that we utilize the ongoing technological advances available in the marketplace today. This not only benefits our staff with added speed and efficiency but also ensures that our data is constantly secure with the updated security options and is in-line with our disaster recovery programme.